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  • How I helped launch the first Xbox.
  • Why I used a technology shift to launch a new band.
  • Why companies are their own worst enemy.
  • Discover inspiration for your career!
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It started with a dream of music...
"A symphony of chaos, self-discovery, and triumph in a world of rock and roll shenanigans."

Richard King
CEO and Founder
Product Marketing Alliance
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Readers Praise for Backstage Pass
  • Embark on a wild odyssey with Harvey, the maestro of mayhem, as he conducts a symphony of chaos, self-discovery, and triumph in a world of rock and roll shenanigans. His anecdotes, infused with life lessons and wisdom, will have you laughing out loud and nodding in agreement. With a baton of street smarts and a heart full of humour, Harvey strikes a chord in every reader, inspiring us to seize opportunities, stay grounded, and treat others with kindness. This memoir is like an infectious melody you can't help but dance to, leaving you clamouring for an encore.
    Richard King
    CEO & Founder PMA
  • The years just melted they will with old loved friends, regardless of how many years have passed or how long it has been since you saw either other. The book brought back so many memories and made me smile somewhere in every chapter...

    Most of us in this business have stories to tell, and Harvey is no exception... He's lived a life! And one you can learn valuable lessons from.
    Baz Warne
    The Stranglers
  • Captivating, raw, and funny - a book for any music lover, or for anyone who is currently struggling in their career, or wanting to learn more about business Harvey breaks barriers and proves if you seize the opportunity, the rewards will come!
    Renae Bradley-McBride
    Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Harvey transports you vividly to periods and places you may not know or remember, but you'll feel like you are there with him. This is a rollicking rollercoaster ride, a shared, enjoyable journey of truths and insights that resonate.
    Justin Vaughan-Brown
    Vice President of Marketing
  • A riveting lesson in "street smarts" and valuable life lessons such as being nice to people, don't burn bridges and treating others how you would like to be treated. Skills are seldom taught today. Lots to be learned from Harvey on how he built a successful career on these values.
    Amit Alagh
    Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Harvey's words paint a vivid and captivating picture, drawing you in with his voice and authenticity. His life has been anything but ordinary, yet he remains humble and grounded. Harvey's insatiable curiosity for the unknown and willingness to embrace vulnerability are what set him apart and make him truly exceptional.
    Steve Sutherland
    Product Marketing Manager
  • The most important lessons in life and in business aren't learned sitting in a conference room. They come when you go out into the world with the ambition to make something happen and are left with no choice but to figure it out. Harvey Lee learned those lessons working in a dramatic time in the music and gaming industries, fighting to find ways to keep his dreams alive. Sometimes he succeeds, and sometimes he doesn't; both are valuable and fun to read!
    Gabrielle Tenaglia
    Vice President of Brand and Product Marketing
  • Harvey has nailed it with this unique blend of coming-of-age, autobiography, and business lessons. The story takes you on a journey that is hilarious, dazzling, insightful, and human. Finishing the book leaves you wanting more. Please write more stories, Harvey!
    Simon Moran
    Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • What sets this memoir apart is the author's ability to seamlessly blend entertaining stories from their time in rock and roll with practical and actionable advice for anyone looking for tried and true business advice. I found myself not only thoroughly entertained but also inspired to take action and apply the lessons learned to my own career.
    Lauren Kennedy
    Director of Product Marketing

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