Product marketing spokesperson
Not enough organisations understand product marketing. Let's change that.
From keynotes to talking heads, my talks aim to demystify product marketing for organisations, teams and individuals.
A Key voice in the pMM CATEGORY
75% of organisations said they find understanding product marketing a constant challenge.*
Product Marketing vs. Product Management
It was my pleasure to film this talking head session for the MBA students at Kellogg Business School.
What can you do in two years?
My opening remarks as chair for the Product Marketing Alliance Summit - London 2021
Can we talk?
I have a range of talks available in the sphere of product marketing. Whatever your needs, please do get in touch.
  • Event Hosting
    As a recognisable figure in the world of product marketing, I'm regularly asked to chair summits and events around the world.
  • Keynote
    Need an impactful closing talk for your event? I have a number of talk tracks that involve the audience to keep them engaged.
  • Guest Appearances
    Usually produced for educational establishments such as the Kellogg School of Business, Product Marketing Alliance, etc., I bring actionable deep insight to talks focused on your specific chosen subject.
  • Groups or Teams
    I frequently lead deep insight driven briefings for organisations, educational establishments or groups. My most recent invite-only PMA Global Briefings yielded a +55 NPS and a 5/5 presenter score from 80% of the attendees.
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* 2022 Product Marketing Alliance State of Product Marketing Report.
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